Clicker Dog Training

Clicker dog training is an excellent way to start training your dog from when they are very young. It is one of the few training methods that can be used with young puppies.

So what is clicker dog training? It is simply a device that creates a consistent, but unique sound that your dog can recognise. The click can be used to mark a certain type of behavior and if the behavior is good, a treat will follow. This allows the dog to recognise when they have done what you want them to and remember the sound and treat in the future. By using the click dog training system, your dog learns quickly and will be much more responsive to you.

The clicker dog training system is better than training a dog using voice commands because the device will generate a consistent sound that will always be the same. Whereas your voice can change with your emotions and tone, sending mixed signals to your dog.

Also if you are angry with your dog, this emotion will transmit to your dog in a negative way. The dog will also be able to set apart the sound of the clicker Clicker Games Online device from the surrounding sounds of the everyday environment. This means you can carry out the training in most places such as parks.

A great advantage of the clicker dog trainer is that it doesn’t involve any kind of punishment or force to work. Therefore the entire training process is much more pleasant not only for the dog but for you as the owner to carry out.

Some training methods will rely on using devices such as choke collars or sprays to discipline the dog. The clicker dog training system doesn’t rely on any of these methods. In fact the opposite occurs, the training system can be made fun and enjoyable not only for the dog but for you and your family. This is even more of an advantage if you have children because they can take part in the fun games and even play a part in training the dog themselves which will be great for developing their own confidence and character.

Having your children work closely with your dog when they are still young puppies can also be an excellent thing to do. The clicker system can be used on puppies when they are only a few weeks old with some excellent results.

The clicker system can be combined withe your usual activities from day to day, such as going to the shops or taking your children to school. This also means that your children can play a part without disturbing their own routines.

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